Corona Preparing Your Child to Go to a 24 Hour Emergency Room

Preparing Your Child to Go to a 24 Hour Emergency RoomCorona, CA

No one hopes to take their child to a 24-hour emergency room (ER). When an emergency occurs, it can be stressful for the whole family. It can be a breath of relief, having trusted doctors able to comfort and treat your child any time of day. You may take comfort in knowing you are also not alone: According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 17% of U.S. children visited the emergency room in just 2015.

Before you take your child to an ER, it is still essential to know how to prepare your child and family. Here, our Medicross Clinic and Urgent Care team discusses when you should seek emergency care and how to ease your child before being seen. If you are in Corona or its surrounding area and are having an emergency, come to our facility for relief. We can see you or a member of your family in our emergency room 24 hours a day.

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When to Go to a 24 Hour Emergency Room

Bumps, bruises, illnesses, and mishaps are part of life. Everyone will experience these to one degree or another throughout life. Many incidents will require little medical intervention, but the most serious conditions call for a visit to a 24-hour emergency room. Patients should take children to this department when there is severe bleeding, when the child has a temperature over 102 degrees, when the child is having a hard time breathing, or when there is a severe burn. Before going to an ER, you should walk your child comfort your child by doing the following.

Speak positively

Parents should use positive wording when preparing children in advance for a visit to the 24-hour emergency room. The critical aspect here is being attentive to their emotions since how a one says something can be more significant than what is said. For instance, a study published by the Society for Research in Child Development found improved emotional regulation with positive expression by a parent. Talking to your child about how a doctor's role is to make them feel better can set a positive tone. Parents can positively enforce trust in the doctor by mentioning that they have been trained in helping others through years of medical school.

Reassure the child

Getting sick or hurt can be frightening for a young patient. A visit to the hospital can be stressful for any child. Parents should reinforce the idea that doctors and nurses have a child's well-being in mind. The pain and discomfort the child is feeling do not have to persist.

Relate experiences

If a parent has spent time in a 24-hour emergency room for their own needs, it may be helpful to share those memories. The parent can talk about why they went to the hospital and how the staff there provided relief.

Do not lie

Parents should not mislead children and make them think the 24-hour emergency room can solve any problem with ease. If the child asks questions about the procedures, the parent should be open. Do not lie and say there will not be any pain. Instead, acknowledge that it can be scary to have to go to the hospital, but the staff will work hard to help the child get well.

Talk to the pediatrician

Children can feel more comfortable at the hospital when there is a good relationship with the pediatrician. This doctor can explain what happens in the emergency room. If the child feels positive about this doctor, there is a good chance the young patient will have a more positive experience at the ER. If you take your child to the emergency room, they may refer your child out to a pediatrician for follow up care.

Stay calm

If something happens where a parent knows it is time to go to the 24-hour emergency room with the child, the parent needs to keep emotions in check. If a parent panics, the child likely will too. Keep a level head and calm demeanor as much as possible.

You Can Get Through It

Even in emergencies, you and your child can cope. The 24-hour emergency room may be a daunting place, but it can help treat the most serious conditions. Get your child ready for a possible visit by following these steps listed above. If you are in or around Corona and think it would be best to talk to a medical professional about your concerns, contact Medicross Clinic and Urgent Care at (951) 272-5900. We can see your family at any time of time, any day of the year.

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