Medicated Weight Loss Program in Riverside, CA

When you want to take charge of your health and work to lose weight in Riverside, CA, you may come across various weight loss programs full of unbacked claims. We understand you want the medical guidance of a licensed physician who can give a fair evaluation of your overall health to determine the best weight loss plan for you.
At Medicross Clinic & Urgent Care, we provide our patients with medical attention to non-life threatening medical conditions and work with patients on their wellness goals including. When you’re ready to make a change and get expert advice from our clinical health providers, request your appointment to learn about our personalized weight loss program.

Medicated Weight Loss Program

In addition to the professional weight loss advice and guidance our physicians can provide, we also offer a medicated weight loss program for our patients. This program involves dietary and exercise advice from our physicians tailored to you and your condition. We also prescribe you to take a prescription for weight-loss medication for a set amount of time.
We prescribe medication to those who have a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30, have a medical condition that may contribute to a BMI of over 30 such as high blood pressure or diabetes, or a combination of both. While this is our common criterion when we prescribe weight-loss medication to a patient, we take several factors into account before we determine if a weight-loss medication is right for you.
Our professionals at Medicross Clinic & Urgent Care understand that there is no one-size-fits-all weight loss program when it comes to weight loss. That’s why we tailor weight loss programs to you with our educated and experienced medical practice.
Allow us to guide you in the right direction toward reaching your health goals. Contact us today to book your appointment and get started.