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Many people try to use the tried and true method of just getting plenty of rest to treat any general illnesses. The reality is that rest may not be enough to truly treat the condition. While helpful, getting rest is only one part of a treatment for most general illnesses. We can help patients receive professional treatment to relieve symptoms and promote recovery.

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Finding the Treatment for Your Needs

Upon visiting our clinic, we will examine the patient and review their medical history to determine the illness and the official cause. We can provide treatment for a variety of conditions and general illnesses to meet the needs of the patient. We understand that while many illnesses are not life-threatening, they can hinder one’s quality of life and get in the way of daily tasks. Thus, we can offer professional treatment to help the situation.

Some of the general illnesses we treat include:

  • Cold and flu
  • Sore/Strep throat
  • Mono
  • Infection
  • Upper respiratory issues
  • STD

More Than Just Rest

While a minor sore throat or cold may only require rest, plenty of fluids and over-the-counter medications, more severe cases will need specific medication that is not available in stores. If a patient has strep throat, then we may recommend antibiotics to help treat the strep throat and relieve symptoms. If the patient can take this type of medication within 48 hours of getting the illness, then there is a higher chance of a quick recovery.

One of the main issues we see with many patients is that they do not listen to their bodies. Far too often, people will ignore the pain until it gets to its worst state possible. The sooner people seek treatment, the better chance of a quick recovery.

By combining our professional treatment at Medicross Clinic and Urgent Care with proper rest and other treatment methods, people will have everything they need to go through the healing process. Through seeking our treatment and medical expertise, we can help to find the most effective treatment for the patient’s needs.

Start Feeling Better – Visit Us Today

By visiting us as soon as possible, our team can help get you the professional treatment you need. Instead of waiting around and allowing the symptoms to get worse, we can provide you with stronger medication and treatment options instead of ineffective store-bought products.

Listen to the Symptoms

When it comes to upper respiratory issues, there are a variety of illnesses and health issues that can be the cause of the patient’s pain. If symptoms linger for several weeks and only seem to get worse, then the patient needs to seek professional treatment. Symptoms of a chronic cough can include:

  • Feeling as if there is liquid running down the back of the throat
  • Hoarseness and wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Heartburn and a sour taste in the mouth
  • Coughing up blood

These are only a few of the potential signs of a chronic cough or upper respiratory issue. While coughing up blood is fairly rare, we recommend that people seek professional treatment before the condition reaches that point. We may recommend treatment methods that include antibiotics, breathing treatments and forms of antihistamines. Visit our office to receive the treatment you need today. Begin the path to healing by receiving the care you need when you need it.

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