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There are numerous reasons an individual may have developed a rash or suffered a burn, and as such, it can often be difficult to diagnose the exact cause of a rash or determine the level of severity of a burn.

There are numerous reasons an individual may have developed a rash or suffered a burn. Thus, it can often be difficult to diagnose the exact cause of a rash or the severity of a burn. Self-diagnosis is one of the worst things to do, especially if the rash or burn only seems to get worse. We have the knowledge and medical tools necessary to help the patient receive the proper treatment.

In many cases, medical assistance is often required to effectively treat rashes and burns. While avoiding the rash or burn altogether is the desired goal, professional treatment can speed up the recovery process. If you or your child are suffering from a rash or a burn, be sure to come in for a visit and allow us to determine the exact cause.

As an urgent care, we can provide the necessary treatment for the rash or burn when the patient needs it; no appointment necessary.

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Benefits of Professional Treatment

With our professional treatment, patients can avoid the worst possible scenario, treating a rash or burn with the wrong product. Far too often, people will buy an ointment or cream off the shelf without checking if it is the most effective option for their issue. In many cases, they only make the pain worse than before. With professional treatment, we can help patients receive the right treatment.

Benefits of our treatment include:

  • Receiving a professional diagnosis for the level of burn or type of rash
  • Being able to identify the origin of the rash, if unsure
  • Receiving professional treatment
  • Determining the most effective medicine to help the condition
  • Receiving professional guidance for the treatment process
  • Being able to seek follow-up care if necessary

While we understand that rashes may go away in a few days without the need for an extensive treatment, professional treatment is necessary for those that get worse after several days. There is no reason to let a rash or burn get worse without seeking treatment.

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By visiting us as soon as possible, our team can help get you the professional treatment you need. Instead of waiting around and allowing the symptoms to get worse, we can provide you with stronger medication and treatment options instead of ineffective store-bought products.

When to Seek Urgent Care for a Rash or Burn

For most minor rashes or burns, treatment will not be too complicated. However, it is important to seek urgent care for a rash or burn if any of the following are true:

  • There are signs that developing an infection is a possibility
  • The burn is deep or causes a severe level of pain
  • The cause of the rash is unknown or exists on a young child
  • The rash continues to spread

First and foremost, the main reason it is crucial to treat a rash or burn promptly is to prevent an infection from developing. The skin is the first line of defense from harmful bacteria and viruses. Therefore, when the skin is harmed or in danger, it is at a greater risk of developing an infection. If a burn opens up the skin in such a way where it requires medical assistance to properly bandage or a rash result from a bacterial infection, be sure to visit our urgent care facility.

Additionally, any burn that reaches the deeper layers of the skin or leads to an intolerable level of pain should be treated by a medical professional. As long as the burn is not life-threatening, we can treat it here at our urgent care facility. However, a person with a burn that is life-threatening needs to visit an emergency room inside a hospital.

Lastly, be sure to come in for a visit any time the cause of a rash cannot be explained. If a rash starts to develop on a toddler or young child, it is also highly encouraged to let us treat it as soon as possible.

Causes of Rashes and Burns

One of the most difficult parts about attempting to treat a rash on one’s own is determining the type of rash it is. Types of rashes can include:

  • General rash
  • Heat rash
  • Blisters
  • Hives

There are numerous causes of rashes By determining the events leading up to the urgent care visit and one’s lifestyle, we can begin to determine the cause. In many cases, we will be able to identify similarities to symptoms from other types of rashes caused by exposure to poison ivy, chemical exposure or a bacterial infection.

There are also multiple different types, or degrees, of burns as well, which include:

  • First-degree burns
  • Second-degree burns
  • Third-degree burns

A first-degree burn is the least severe and only damages the epidermis, which is the outermost layer of skin. The second-degree burn reaches the dermis, which is the second layer and is more painful. A third-degree burn is the deepest and often reaches the deeper tissues, which can cause nerve damage and other long-term issues.

It is accurately assumed by most that the main cause of a burn is fire or skin exposure to a hot object. While this is true and burns most often occur due to fire or heated objects touching the skin, burns can also occur due to chemical exposure, electricity or even exposure to the sun. In order to successfully prevent burns, it is important to take precautionary measures for all burn types.

Treatment Options for Rashes and Burns

For a more general rash, there is likely to only be redness of the skin and constant itching or possibly a burning sensation. For heat rashes and hives, there is likely to be more red bumps and a raised area of the skin. If red bumps start to show themselves, be sure not to pick at them and try and keep the skin clean and dry until treatment can be administered.

In most cases, mild to moderate rashes can be treated at home after identifying the cause. If you are not sure about the cause of your rash, then seeking professional treatment is necessary. Once we identify the rash, we can recommend treatment. At our urgent care facility, we have the staff and resources to quickly and accurately diagnose all different types of rashes to help a patient fully recover. While prevention is the best method of dealing with rashes, they sometimes occur regardless, and it is important to know what to do if a rash develops.

While most burns are painful, it is important to remember that the pain level is in no way indicative of how serious the burn is. In fact, there is often no pain felt at all due to the nerve damage or adrenaline rush involved in the most serious or largest burns. For less serious burns, such as first-degree burns and the majority of second-degree burns, holding the affected area under cold water for 10 minutes, applying Aloe Vera lotion to the affected area and then covering the wound with a bandage is effective.

For more severe burns, such as third-degree burns and some of the more severe second-degree burns, it is best to seek medical assistance at either an urgent care facility. After a serious burn occurs, there are certain safety measures that should be taken to avoid infection.

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In order to ensure you or a loved one’s rash or burn receives the proper care to make a full, speedy recovery, be sure to come into our urgent care facility for an accurate diagnosis and quality treatment. At our urgent care facility, we have the resources necessary to identify the root cause of the rash or degree of burn and provide treatment.

If you have developed a rash or suffered a burn and do not know what to do next, come and visit us (no appointment needed) or give us a call and let us help you on your path to recovery.

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Why is it so crucial to seek treatment for rashes and burns?

The skin is the largest organ in the body, protecting the body from infection and injury. Our skin also works to regulate our body temperature and contains nerves that sense heat, pain, pressure and touch. When the skin becomes damaged, it can leave people vulnerable to infection.

What are the different degrees of burns? What do they mean?

There are three different burn types: a first-degree burn, second-degree burn and a third-degree burn. A first-degree burn refers to a burn that only damages the epidermis, which is the outermost layer of our skin. A second-degree burn typically causes damage to the dermis, which is the layer directly underneath the epidermis. A third-degree burn refers to a more serious burn type that burns through both the epidermis and the dermis.

How can I treat my child’s sunburn?

Although many people think of a burn as exposure to a hot object or substance, sunburn is also a form of burn that should be treated with urgency. Untreated sunburn can even cause a fever in some patients. An effective way to treat sunburn is to try and keep the body cool by applying a cold compress (a cold, damp washcloth usually works) and a cooling substance such as Aloe Vera to the affected area.

Are there certain activities or professions that cause a higher risk of developing a rash than others?

There are certain professions and activities that pose a greater risk of developing contact dermatitis. Any profession that involves being in close proximity to harmful chemicals, plants or substances one is allergic to poses a greater risk of developing a rash. Additionally, medical professionals should be extra cautious around patients who have a rash, as they are contagious.

My rash really itches. Is it okay to scratch it?

The short answer is no. It is never a good idea to scratch an itch caused by a rash, as it can spread the rash and cause more pain for a longer period. Instead, it is best to try and take measures to minimize the itch, such as applying topical anti-itch solutions and keeping the affected area from drying out.

My child developed a rash that will not go away. What could have caused the rash?

Children often get rashes more than adults. A large part of this can be attributed to the fact that they are generally far more adventurous and curious about unknown substances. If you are unsure about the cause of the rash, we can help provide treatment.

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