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Urgent care can be an affordable alternative to emergency rooms. If you have a medical issue that needs immediate attention when your primary care doctor is not available, urgent care may be the right choice for you. Urgent care centers are medical clinics meant specifically to serve patients with urgent but non-life-threatening conditions. Urgent care is available at Medicross Clinic and Urgent Care in Corona and the surrounding area. We understand that it may be stressful to need immediate medical attention. Dr. George Chidi, MD, and our team can provide a variety of medical services through an urgent care clinic. Call us today at 951-272-5900 to learn more about our services, ask for estimated wait times, or schedule an appointment.
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When to Go to Urgent Care

For many patients, scheduling an appointment with their primary care physician requires planning days or even weeks in advance. Of course, this is not always an option when things go awry. For example, a patient with a mild injury (such as a sprain or a broken bone) may require immediate medical attention without having symptoms severe enough to necessitate going to an emergency room. Urgent care centers also offer other lab work and vaccination services. Several different conditions may call for a visit to an urgent care center. Acute, inexplicable pain localized anywhere in the body can be cause for concern, as can minor illnesses (such as diarrhea, fever, flu, severe sore throat and cough, and vomiting) and minor injuries (such as broken bones, concussions, falls, sprains, and strains). Patients should also take care to address any signs of infection immediately. This means getting a professional opinion on any animal and insect bites, eye and ear infections, skin rashes and infections, and urinary tract infections.

The Difference Between Urgent Care and Emergency Rooms

There are some key differences between urgent care clinics and emergency rooms. The most important, however, is that urgent care centers are not equipped to handle any major medical emergencies. First, hospital emergency rooms are supplied with facilities for more complicated procedures, while urgent care clinics have medical equipment only suitable for other tasks. This involves things like electrocardiograms (EKGs), equipment for lab testing, and X-ray machines. Second, the very structure of an emergency room organizes itself around the triage system. Under the triage system, patients are treated in order of urgency. In urgent care clinics, however, patients are treated in the order by which they arrived. Third, emergency rooms are open 24/7. While urgent care clinics are open later than doctor’s offices, most still close in the evening.

The Advantages of Urgent Care

A recent study has shown that approximately 14% to 27% of all emergency room visits could be treated at an urgent care clinic for an estimated annual savings of $4.4 billion. Emergency room visits deemed unnecessary by your insurer may have you footing the bill, even if the facility was in-network. It generally takes less than 30 minutes to see a provider at an urgent care clinic — much less than it can take some patients to be seen in an emergency room. Parents may also benefit from visiting urgent care clinics when their small children fall ill outside of regular business hours. Plus, the fact that most urgent care centers can dispense medication on-site may also make them even more convenient for those who do not have the time to make a separate trip to a pharmacy.

The Treatment Process

Whether the patient has a minor injury or symptoms of an illness, we can help to provide the treatment they need without having to go through the scheduling process. However, if a patient is unsure about the severity of their health need. They can call ahead for guidance on how to proceed. After diagnosing the patient, we will determine the most effective treatment plan. In many cases, we will administer the initial treatment during the appointment. After, the patient may need to continue some at-home treatment steps to further recovery. If the patient experiences any issues or symptoms during this time, they can reach out to us right away.

Do Not Delay

If you have any issues needing immediate care, take action right away. We at Medicross Clinic and Urgent Care may be able to help. Call us now at 951-272-5900 to learn more and schedule an appointment, or come in for a walk-in visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make an appointment at your urgent care clinic? Yes. We take both walk-ins and scheduled appointments. We understand that your condition may require immediate care. That is why you can call ahead and reserve a spot to expedite your wait time. What will I need to bring with me for my walk-in urgent care visit? As with any other clinic, new patients should expect to fill out some paperwork before being seen by a provider. These will include financial consent forms, medical history forms, patient registration forms, and treatment consent forms. Our front desk staff will also need to make copies of your ID and insurance card. Will my insurance cover my urgent care visit? The answer varies on a case-by-case basis. Most insurance providers will cover urgent care from an in-network provider. Checking directly with your insurer is the best way to be sure. What kinds of providers will I see at my urgent care appointment? Depending on the reason for your visit, you will probably see a variety of medical professionals during your appointment. All of our staff members are trained and qualified to provide you with competent medical care. Our team of professionals includes but is not limited to therapists, nurses, and physicians, and we are led by a board-certified U.S. medical school graduate. How long will the appointment take? The length of time for the appointment can vary per patient. In some cases, the appointment will not take too long. The length of time will also depend on if the patient needs to fill out new patient information forms.

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