We, at Medicross Clinic & Urgent Care, are dedicated to provide top quality urgent and primary care to the residents of Corona and the people living nearby Orange and Riverside counties. We provide a range of services that include illness diagnosis and treatment, wound treatment and physical exams.

If you or your loved one is dealing with ache, broken bones, cold, flu or any other problem, then you can consult with our professionals for evaluation. We will give you the best care possible that you need. We recommend to visit our clinic to get the best care!


Physical Exams

We provide physical exams (including drug testing) for future employees, sports teams, students and insurance applicants. We also offer exams to assess and monitor an individual’s health, including well-woman exams and infant check-ups.. . .


Wound Treatment

Our physicians, nurses, therapists and other medical professionals are trained at treating cuts, burns, sprains, scrapes, broken bones, bruises and other wounds. After attending to your injuries, we will give you what you need to heal properly.. . .


illness Diagnosis And Treatment

We identify illnesses and address them accordingly, treating colds, flus, respiratory ailments, childhood diseases, infections, and other ailments. We can also advise you on the proper care of diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions.. . .